Shared by Lucinda Sohn - 10/20/2016

I returned to school after teaching in the public school system in the Coastal Bend area of south Texas. With support of my professors, colleagues, friends, and family I have completed my doctoral degree and now I am supporting the teacher education program and the general biology program with TAMUCC as an adjunct faculty while I seek a more permanent position with another higher learning institution.
As a student I benefited from the resources made available through the ELITE program. I was able to attend national events providing professional development that have enhanced my life both personally and professionally. My mother was the first in her family to attend college and foster a long and amazing career as a nurse, I was heavily influenced by her achievements and with the ELITE program, I was able to pursue my dream of a doctoral degree.
I feel I continue the legacy that my grandmother began with her determination to have all her children graduate from high school. ELITE provided support both academically and financially to support students like myself. I am proud to give back to my community and it was made possible with support services like ELITE.
I know such programs are essential in raising the bar of academic and professional success for students much like myself. I am proud to be a member of the TAMUCC community and I am forever grateful for the support of ELITE. I know such programs make the pathway to success possible for all.