My time with ELITE

Shared by Nicholas Martinez - 10/18/2016

When I first started in the English graduate program at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, I was honestly scared about everything that was to come. I was scared about the classes I was about to take, I was scared about the readings I would have to do, and I was scared about being the first in my family to even think about getting a Masters degree, which coming from a Hispanic background is a big thing. I had the weight of my family's pride resting on my shoulders, and I was unsure if I was going to be able to make them proud in the end, while also keeping myself mentally stable from the workload.

And that's when I found ELITE, the program at Texas A&M University -
Corpus Christi that had been granted the money to assist graduate students. Being the first in my family to attend a graduate program, finding ELITE really helped ease my mind from all of the tensions and problems I had. The workers in the program helped me figure out where I was going in the program, and being able to meet one-on-one with a mentor helped me keep my own mental stability intact. I honestly feel that I would not have been able to keep going and eventually obtain my degree without the help of this program.

One of the many reasons why I feel that there should be an increase in funding for this program is because I know it would be able to help other Hispanics like myself, especially those that are far away from their family and don't have a lot of people here that could help them when they need it. I've had colleagues struggle to get by, and once I mentioned ELITE to them and they went to the program, they were able to get through the struggles and gain a sense of confidence, all through the help of ELITE. This is a program that is necessary for any and all graduate students to be successful.