Benefits of ELITE

Shared by Mayra Cano - 10/18/2016

I received the ELITE grant while I was in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's Program. The grant provided an IPad and funding to help me get through the program. I was able to have access to my work everywhere I went with the help of the grant.

The value of being a Hispanic - Serving Institution (HSI) is unmeasurable. As a cultured Hispanic woman odds were against me completing any higher education. It was an experienced that helped me feel valued, important and motivated me to incorporate myself with the community.

I shared the grant with most of my classmates which created fellowship and support within us. The ELITE program was a success during my time in school as it touched and helped so many students who would not have the means, otherwise.
Our institution seeks help from federal funding to continue to impact and make leave a positive imprint in the lives of students who are working hard to get through the required course work.